Five Key Problems Solved by MLM Software

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re in the market for MLM automation software for your multi-level marketing enterprise. Congratulations! You’re definitely on the right track.


As you probably already know, the key to success in multi-level marketing is reputation. If people develop suspicion or skepticism towards your program, it’s going to be very hard for your business to gain traction. It’s going to be very hard to achieve the success that you have envisioned for your business. Trust is crucial to multi-level marketing success. A key part of building that success is to automate your operations in such a way that your participants, whether they are referrers, recruiters, or product buyers, have maximum peace of mind. When your operations pay for the right people at the right time for the right things, everybody is happy. This is where mlm software comes in.

Properly designed and coded, MLM software takes all the guesswork and headaches out of running an effective multi-level marketing operation. At the very least, it solves five key problems. If you’re looking for MLM software solutions, make sure that whatever you’re looking at solves the following issues. If it doesn’t do it, or it leaves anything out from the list below, keep looking.



Referral tracking

When people refer a person to a multi-level marketing system, that referral must be tracked accurately. This is the bread and butter of a multi-level marketing system; in fact, this is the soul of such an operation. If people can’t rest assured that their references are given proper credit, and are being tracked accurately for the life of the account, you really have no incentive to send people to your business. Instead, they might even spread bad rumors about your operations. These rumors might as well end your MLM empire.

Don’t let that happen. Make sure that the mlm system that you implement for your program does an amazing job of tracking referrers. This way, people get paid on time for doing the right thing.



Percentage sharing confusion

Another key problem that MLM software solves is the confusion that takes place when people get referred, and the system doesn’t know how much to pay who. This is a serious issue, because in a typical MLM setup, there might be special programs, as well as special promotions, where a referred qualifies to not only get paid once, but get paid many times over. This is a key part of incentivizing everybody to keep sending referrers so the network gets bigger and bigger. There’s more money for everybody, there’re more products being sold and everybody is happy.

The problem here is once the word gets out that people feel that they might be getting shortchanged, or they’re not getting what they felt was due to them, people start to talk. These negative rumors can start to unravel your program, regardless of how legitimate your multi-level marketing system is. Don’t let this happen. Make sure that the percentage sharing is as clear as daylight. And the best way to do this is through MLM software.



Program tracking

In a typical multi-level marketing program, there are actually many different special features, depending on the special promotions and special campaigns you run. When you start out, you probably won’t need this type of feature. In fact, in most cases when you start out, things are pretty straightforward because you really don’t have that much people to work with. However, as your network starts to attract power promoters and power referrers, they start looking for special deals. You have to code in the terms of these special deals into your program.

Now, your program might be able to accommodate a few dozens of these special deals. However, as these deals start to multiply, the opportunities for confusion and people not getting paid enough increase. So do yourself a big favor, if you’re going to offer special features, special sub-promotions, or special promotional packages with specific incentives, make sure you use MLM software. This takes the guesswork out of sub-promotions because a lot of these type of deals can be scaled up with the right MLM software package.



Pay out calendar confusion

In the span of a year, there are many months. Each of these months has different lengths. It’s not enough to say to these people that they would get paid every two weeks. You have to be specific as to which time of the month. There are also special events that take place throughout the year, and this can throw the whole MLM calendar off-track. If you think this is a small issue, wait until you start running sub-promotion programs and special incentive programs. It can get really confusing really quickly. If you layer on a timeline, it’s easy for a manual program to simply fall apart. Once that happens, people start pointing fingers, rumors start circulating, and its only a matter of time until you multi-level marketing program, regardless of how awesome and stellar its reputation may have been previously, will get a black eye in the eyes of the public.

Avoid this unnecessary drama by running MLM software so payout calendars are clear. Everybody would know when they will get paid, they would also know that by simply logging into your program’s website, how much they will get paid. No fuss, no mess, no drama.



Database update confusion

One of the worst problems faced by manually maintained MLM programs is when the database needs to be updated. The database is simply just a ledger. Again, if your program is small, there really is not much of a database to maintain. If you only have a hundred referrers, and your customers are not part of the program, they just buy products, this is going to be a pretty straightforward in-and-out process.

Now, things get complicated when customers can also refer and earn a commission. There are all sorts of special promotions that run at different times of the year. When people get confused, the database can get beat up quite a bit. And when you hard code certain things manually into your program, it’s only a matter of time until the database confusion gets the better of your program.

Avoid this unnecessary drama by buying and installing off-the-shelf MLM software. Not only is this type of software been battle tested by multi-level marketing programs located all over the world, but it’s probably gone through several versions. You’re not going to be playing Guinea pig, or a crash-test company to a new company trying their hand at the lucrative multi-level marketing software industry.


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